2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment


In 1943 for every man evacuated with wounds 120 sick and infirm British were evacuated. Malaria 84% higher in forward areas, skin disease were the second highest followed by Typhus.

Beriberi hits the nervous system, caused by a vitamin deficiency. Symptoms include weight loss, emotional disturbances, impaired perception, weakness and pain in the limbs, and periods of irregular heartbeat. Swelling of the bodily tissues. In advanced cases, the disease can cause heart failure and death.
Cholera is a diarrhoeal disease can cause rapid dehydration and death. Cholera is caused by a bacteria and is transmitted from person to person through direct contact.
Caused by the loss of body fluids due to temperatures of 100°F and a humidity factor of 90 per cent.
Dhobi itch:
An itching or burning sensation in the groin area, thigh or skin folds and anus which may affect the inner thighs and genital areas. Caused by the warm, damp environment allowing the fungus to thrive. Close fitting clothing only irritated this condition further.
Dysentery is an illness involving acute diarrhea that is often associated with and followed by blood in the feces. Caused by the ingestion of food containing bacteria, causing a disease which results in inflammation of the intestines. Death can follow.
Dermatitis is a skin disease aggravated by heat and humidity. Dermatitis is a term literally meaning "inflammation of the skin".
Fever with sweating and shivering, weakness and exhaustion. Fever recur two or three days, daily in severe cases.
Mosquitoe bites:
Mosquito bites often swell up in hours, causing a red ring and white bump. This can cause itching for days. Mosquito bites can transmit diseases, the most common being malaria and septic sores.
Pellagra is a vitamin deficiency disease caused by poor dietary habits. A lack of niacin and protein, especially proteins containing the essential amino acid tryptophan.
Scrub typhus:
Scrub typhus is a form of typhus caused and transmitted by mite's known as chiggers, found in areas of heavy scrub vegetation. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, coughing, and gastrointestinal symptoms. More virulent strains can cause hemorrhaging and intravascular coagulation. Death can follow.
Scabies is a transmissible skin infection characterised by superficial burrows, intense pruritus (itching) and secondary infection. The word 'scabies' is Latin for 'itch'.
Scurvy is a disease that results from a vitamin C deficiency and leads to livid spots on the skin, spongy gums, and bleeding from almost all mucous membranes. Any person with this ailment, feels depressed, and becomes immobilised.
Inflamed feet caused by continued immersion in water. Trench foot.
Tick typhus:
Ticks that would sucked enough blood from the body to grow to the size of your thumb nail.
The disease is transmitted by skin contact with infected individuals or eye gnats, the bacteria entering through an existing cut or similar injury.



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China Dragon Cap Badge

2nd Battalion
The Royal Berkshire Regiment
(Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
1939 - 1959

Burma WWII

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