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VJ Day:
2nd Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)

VJ Day: 2nd Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's), was represented by the attendace one of their own, on this their 70th Anniversary for those who had fallen during and after the war from an unforgiving terrain that was the Burma/India Theatre.

Sergeant Gilbert Scott Selwyn 14400465 said of the day's events, "It was a wonderful day, we were told that we had to do nothing, we were waited on hand and foot. Although my wife Ann and my son Trevor were with me, there was also any number of helpers from all branches of the Armed Service on hand to help. The number of spectators was amazing, they were calling out to us, thanking us for what we all did and my wife Ann said, "One spectator shouted, you look too young to have been out there. When we went under the arch, into the gardens, we were handed a box containing food, there was so much we couldn't eat it all."

Sergeant Gilbert Scott Selwyn 14400465 enlisted in Wolverhampton on the 02 September 1942, aged 18. Scott embarked for Burma from Liverpool aboard the Troop Ship Stratheden, after undergoing Jungle Warfare Training in Madras & Nasik. Scotts potential was realised and was later posted to H.Q. Coy Intelligence Section.

Scott would go into action with A, B, C & D Companies as required. After travelling up the Brahmaputra River aboard a paddle steamer, and walking a great number of days through thick jungle, he fought the Japanese at such locations as, Kin-U, Kabwet, Shwebo, Mandalay Hill, Toungoo and the Sittang River.

After 4 years and 7 months service to his country, Scott returned home to no reception, no fanfare, no waving of flags. Scott boarded a train, a bus, kit bag on shoulder, walked down the street and entered his mother's home and called to is mother that he was home.

Scott said, "I must admit, I didn't want to go; parades and things like that have never appealed to me, the family were so keen for me to attend, I must admit, I did shed a tear or two, I will never forget this day, and after all I was glad I went in the end, to represent our men. Today I've seen people in a different light, they were clapping and cheering, I will never forget it."

Should you wish to see Scotts file [Click Here]

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VJ Day 70th
Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn

Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn
Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn

Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn
Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn


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