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Maiwand Lion Reading

Forbury Gardens is a public park in the town of Reading in the heart of the English county of Berkshire, home of the Royal Berkshire Regiment. The park was constructed on the site of the outer court of Reading Abbey.

A more fitting place could not have been selected in my view as the park breams with life, celebrating the freedom our children can enjoy which these brave men and women paid the ultimate price.

The massive lion erected in Forbury Gardens commemorates the gallant men of the 66th Foot at Maiwand - 1881 who's names are inscribed on the metal plates attached to its plinth.

Not until after the South African War of 1899-1902 were such monuments of this magnitude to become more popular.

You will at this point be wondering what a monument to the 66th Foot at Maiwand has to do with Burma?

The answer to your question is that the 66th Foot later became the 2nd Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment and this is where many veterans lay tributes to the fallen.

Image 1 - The Maiwand lion.

Image 2 - Berkshiremen gathering around the lion prior to the start of the ceremony. click to view

Image 3 - The late Col. Lionel John Lindsay Hill standing to attention after placing the reef on behalf of the 2nd Battalion. click to view


Image No.1
Image No.1

Image No.2
Image No.2

Image No.3


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