2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

Maj. Eric Christopher Pemberton
Army Service No. 124101


Maj. Eric Pemberton graduated as a Cadet, from the Officer Cadet Training Unit, to be 2nd Lt.
09 March 1940.

60th King's Royal Rifle Corps
2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment 08/02/1945
C Company 09/02/1945
D Company 04/03/1945
C Company PEMBERTON FORCE 02/04/1945

The Military Cross - Gazetted 14/01/1943

Maj. Eric Pemberton was badly wounded at El Alamein, and awarded the M.C. in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East.

Maj. Eric Pemberton continued to display distinguished service throughout the Burma Campaign.

Maj. Eric Pemberton returned home and resumend his career, Solicitors Lee & Pembertons of London.

In a letter home dated 1945, Mjr. Eric Pemberton paid tribute to the officers and men of the 2nd Battalion.

I cannot end without paying a heartfelt tribute to the Regiment of my attachment. Headed by Lt Col. H de Pre Finch, I cannot imagine a more courageous and friendly set of officers and men with whom I would be more willing and pleased to serve. Even in my time they have had heavy casualties both in officers and other ranks. Never a large number in one fell swoop, but a consistent daily drain of one or two.”


Mjr. Eric Christopher Pemberton
Mjr. Eric Christopher Pemberton
Circa 1940

Eric Christopher Pemberton
Eric Christopher Pemberton


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