2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

Dvr. Frank Edward Brooks


.....I left Southampton England in October 1945. Embarked on the Queen of Bermuda bound for Bombay India.
.....On arrival I was transported to a transit camp at Kalyan and after a few weeks there it was back to Bombay and then onto Rangoon, Burma aboard a french boat that was called Cap Tourane.
.....After a short period of time in Rangoon I joined the 2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment at a placed called Zeyawadi. I am not sure of the name of the Company I was in but we had a good looking tall Australian Major who was the company commander. I remember visiting a sugar factory while there. Also while there I was with two other men xxx xxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxx, we volunteered for train guard duty at Thazi which was a big railway junction. I never knew why but after this we were given a period of leave at a place called Maymyo. This was a hill station where there were various facilities such as horse riding, golf etc. After this it was back to Zeyawadi, and from there onto Kalaw. Whilst there I remember that a snake had got into the water supply tank and that one of the officers shot it. It was also at Kalaw that I got the job of Company Pay Clerk.
.....We next moved onto Mingladon, where I managed to get onto the motor transport section. I had been trained as a driver when in England. In Mingladon we were billeted in long huts about fourteen men to a hut, before this we had always been under canvas, four men to a tent. I first had an American fifteen hundred weight vehicle and one of my jobs was to collect bins from various residents which were mostly occupied by officers. I had two Jap prisoners of war who collected the bins and I just had to drive the vehicle. I later progressed to a six wheel drive American Dodge which I was to drive and maintain for the rest of my time in Burma.
.....It was while I was in Mingladon that the man who had been trying to form a government in Burma was assassinated together with his entire associates at a political meeting in Rangoon. After this incident we were instructed to dig in at Mingladon Airfield, luckily things calmed down after a while and we were back to normal.
.....In about October 1947 my demob number sixty two had come up, and so it was back to England via Singapore on the H.T. Navasa. I do remember that I had to have a cholera injection when going through the Suez Canal on the 16th November 1947, this annoyed me as I had had one just before leaving Mingladon. The ship stopped off at Gibraltar to load up with coal. We finally reached Southampton in the beginning of December 1947, in time for Christmas. This was the last voyage that the Navasa made. She was laid up in the river Blackwater and then scrapped at Barrow Furness in 1948.
.....Due to being owed a lot of leave I was not officially discharged until the April 1948.


Dvr. Frank Edward Brooks 1944
Dvr. Frank Edward Brooks
1944 Age 18

Dvr. Frank Edward Brooks in burma
Dvr. Frank Edward Brooks
In Burma Age 21

4 x 4 Dodge Truck
Dvr. Frank Edward Brooks
4 x 4 Dodge Truck


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