2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

Army Service No. 14586607


2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire.
B Company.

Colonel Lionel John Lindsay Hill 77668

Lt. Leslie Stanley Whittingham-Jones 324496.

Killed In Action:
Private Stanley Tracey, Stan to his family and friends was killed in action at Kabwet Hill 15R
21 January 1945

A letter was sent to the relatives of Pte. Tracey on the 11 February 1945 by his 2i/c Lt. Whittingham-Jones which reads.....

Dear Madam.
..........I write to offer my sympathy for the death of your nephew, Pte Tracey. He was next to me in an attack on an enemy feature. The company was ordered to withdraw but Pte Tracey with one or two others stayed with me just a short distance from the enemy, firing and keeping their heads down while the remainder of the company withdrew successfully without further casualties.
..........Pte Tracey fire was very heavy & it was concentrated on the few men left. Pte Tracey realised the full danger of the situation, but realised it had to be done.
..........I consider this action of his the height of bravery. He gave his own life so that the other men in his company could get away safely.
..........It is the actions of brave men like this that have made the British nation what it is, and that will finally bring us victory & make the world a better place.

Yours Sincerely
.......... L.S. Whittingham-Jones Lt.
...........................2i/c “B” Company


Pte. Stanley Tracey
Pte. Stanley Tracey

Letter from Lt. Whittingham-Jones
Letter from
Lt. Whittingham-Jones


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