2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

Time Line

Dates indicated by bold typeface donate the Royal Berkshire Regiments involvement.

December 8th
  Japanese enter Malaya.
December 14th
  Japanese take Victoria Point, Burma.
January 15th
  Japanese 15th Army enter Burma via Siam.
January 31st
  Japanese capture Moulmein.
January 15th
  Singapore falls.
February 23rd
  Sittang Bridge destroyed.
March 7th
  Japanese take Rangoon.
The start of the British retreat back to India.
March 6th-7th
  Battle of Pegu.
March 29th-31st
  Battle of Shwedaung.
April 17th-19th
  Oil fields destroyed and the battle of Yenangyaung.
April 29th
  Japanese cut the Burma Road taking central Burma.
April 30th
  British retreat beyond the Irrawaddy River.
May 1st
  Mandalay falls into Japanese hands.
May 10th
  Battle for Shwegyin see the British withdraw across the Chindwin River to India.
May 20th
  Japanese capture of Burma complete and go on to reach India.
  The British offensive at Arakan.
February 8th
  British Indian forces start guerrilla actions against Japanese in Burma.
February 14th
  The Chindit's cross The River Chindwin into Burma.
March 17th
  Japanese counterattack on Arakan front.
March 18th
  Chindit's cross Irrawaddy River.
May 11th
  The British offensive at Arakan proves a disaster after they were outflanked by greater numbers of Japanese troops. Leading to a withdrawal from Maungdaw.
November 30th
  Start of the second Arakan offensive.
January 9th
  British take Maungdaw in the Arakan
January 9th
  Japanese offensive of Arakan begins.
February 5th
  Chindit's second expedition starts with their long march towards Indaw from Ledo Road.
February 7th
  Japanese overrun an Advance Field Hospital guarded of West Yorkshires killing 31 patients, nine orderlies, four doctors, brutally put to death.
February 13th-25th
  Famous battle of the Admin Box in the Arakan see the British clear the Ngakyedauk Pass.
March 1st 16th
  Brigade cross the Chindwin River.
March 5th
  77 Brigade fly into Broadway airstrip.
March 15th
  Japanese advance on Imphal & Kohima.
March 29th
  Imphal siege begins.
April 4th
  Japanese begin their assault on Kohima.
April 14th
  British 2nd Division including 1st Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment break through to relieve the defenders at Kohima.
May 3rd 15th
  Corp take key ground overlooking Maungdaw-Buthidaung road in the Arakan.
May 16th
  Japanese pushed back and cleared from Kohima Ridge.
June 22nd
  Kohima to Imphal road opened.
June 26th
  77 Brigade capture Mogaung.
August 27th
  Last Chindits flow out of Burma.
December 13th
  'B' Company, 2nd Battalion Royal Berkshires cross the River Chindwin as part of the 19th Indian Division.
December 2nd
  14th Army advance from Imphal to take Kalewa on the River Chindwin and continue across
December 19th
  14th Army advance to the Irrawaddy.
January 3rd
  15 Corp take Akyab in the Arakan.
January 10th
  14th Army take Shwebo.
January 12th
  15 Corp attack Myebon in Arakan.
January 22nd
  Landings at Kangaw.
January 28th
  Burma road is reopened.
January 31st
  Kabwet Hill 15R secured by the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment.
February 12th
  14th Army start the Irrawaddy crossings.
February 13th
  2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment start their Irrawaddy crossings.
February 20th
  14th Army advance on Mandalay.
March 4th
  14th Army take Meitila.
March 8th - 9th
  14th Army (2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment) enter Mandalay.
March 15th
  Japanese try to counterattack at Meiktila.
March 21st
  Mandalay cleared by the 14th Army.
April 26th
  Toungoo falls.
May 2nd
  Assault on Rangoon from the sea.
May 2nd
  14th Army reach Pegu.
July - August
  Retreating Japanese make several break out operations in their struggle to reach Thailand.
August 14th
  Japanese surrender.
September 13th
  Japanese in Burma surrender.


The longest war 1941-1945

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