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Advance to Mandalay
Pte. Kenneth James Wells 14559924


.....We were in Kabwet in Northern Burma, in early March 1945, where the Japs were dug in to stop our advance to Mandalay.

.....I was picked to go on a patrol with an Officer. We a located a hill, where, unbeknown to us, over a 1,000 Japanese, prepared to die if necessary, were lying in wait. We had gone up right behind this hill, without being spotted!! When we were spotted they opened fire on the two of us. We narrowly escaped, managing at the same time to return fire on a few, and returned to Our comrades with very valuable information. My battalion was the B Company of the 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment.

.....When we found it was impossible to take this hill, we called for air backup, and we our bombers struck the hill 17 times with light and heavy aircraft. We defeated the entire Japanese division, and although my C.O., Colonel John Hill (sadly now deceased) badly injured he managed to lead the assault on the last Japanese position. When it was all over the whole hill stank of death!

.....The only thing that Moved were the Vultures, hovering overhead, just waiting to take their share of the spoils.




Pte. Kenneth James Wells
Pte. Kenneth James Wells

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