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Jungle Adventure
Submitted by L/Sgt. Norman (Curly) Williams 5334026 daughter Josephine & her husband Phill Edwards.


.....Cpl. N. WILLIAMS, whose home address is xxxx, and who is now serving in the Indian Command, tells of a jungle adventure in a letter to Mr. R. Smith, hon. secretary of the Pressed Steel Services Comforts Fund.

.....He was on a three-day patrol and on the second night camped by the side of a small stream.

....."We were awakened in the early hours by a terrific din....of what seemed to be three divisions of Churchill tanks coming through the jungle.

....."Naturally we had the wind up, but were greatly relieved when it turned out to be a small herd of elephants after water - and the part that still grieves me is that they drank that blooming stream dry, not even leaving us enough to rinse our mouths out in the morning, and we were thirsty with another day's jungle trek in front of us, and no water in the water bottles, and very little hope of finding another stream or even mud pool....

....."Well, we arrived back safely and without serious casualties. So now I can look back and laugh at that stampede, but whenever I see water I have to sample it in remembrance."




L/Sgt. Norman (Curly) Williams
L/Sgt. Norman (Curly) Williams

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