2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

'B' Company
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H.Q. Companies known leadership and personnel. Should you have any knowledge of an individual connected to this company, please contribute.

Company Commanders
Maj. Lionel John Lindsay Hill 77668
Cpt. Leonard Arthur Pocock 200309
Cpt. Christopher Simmons 203884
Lt. Leslie Stanley Whittingham-Jones 324496
Cpt. Roy Victor Milton 356367-3905017-SX12113
Chaplain To The Forces
Cpt. Wlliam Patrick Barry 135100
Company Sergeants
CSM. Savage
CSM. Ronald Holt Staples 6403548
Sgt. Bertram Samuel Miles King 14254119
CQMS. Harold Freed 5336340
CQMS. Evans
Cpl. Alexander Walter Charsley
Cpl. T. Pearce
Lance Corporals
L/Cpl. Thomas Burgess 6019091
L/Cpl. Sidney George Stinton 5332025
L/Cpl. William Vale 14654372
4 Platoon Commanders
Sgt. George Henry Barrett 5334219
Sgt. Cox
Sgt. Ronald William Godley 5346240
Lt. James Ridley 302890
Sgt. White
4 Platoon Personnel
Pte. William Gill 5337800
Pte. Thomas Henry Stacey 5626509
Sgt. George Edward Wynne 4979237
L/Cpl. William Vale 14654372
5 Platoon Commanders
Sgt. George Henry Barrett 5334219
Lt. Charles Besly 180642
Sgt. Ronald William Godley 5346240
CSM. Theodore Martin Shave 14749852
Lt. Leslie Stanley Whittingham-Jones 324496
5 Platoon Personnel
L/Cpl. Dodd
Pte. Kenneth James Wells 14559924
6 Platoon Commanders
Lt. Leslie Stanley Whittingham-Jones No. 324496
6 Platoon Second-in-Command
Lt. Leslie Stanley Whittingham-Jones No. 324496
Lt. Hooper
6 Platoon Company-Sergeant-Majors
L/Cpl. Reginald Charles Bailey 5339844
Sgt. Davies
Sgt. Ronald William Godley 5346240
Sgt. Albert Robert Cecil Heywood 5346450
CSM. Savage
6 Platoon Personnel
Pte. Leonard Herbert Alfred Anderson 5340966
Sgt. Bourne
Pte. Cameron
L/Cpl. William Joseph Lowe 14640525
Pte. John Stephen Murray 5125510
Pte. Roy Victor Riley 14410789
Pte. Herbert Victor Sharman 5337291
Other Duties
Maj. Eric Christopher Pemberton 124101
  Section Tactical Course
Wilf Bagwell
  Muleteer - Mules name, Sandy.
L/Cpl. William Henry Dale 5114812
  Company Runner.
Cpt. Ivor Gordon Davies 313434
Pte. William Dodd 14340725
  Platoon Runner.
Pte. George William Harwood 908875
Cpl. Guy Jenkins
  Muleteer - Mules name, Lightning.
L/Cpl. William Joseph Lowe 14640525
  Company Clerk.
Pte. Thomas Newey 14805276
  Captained Battalion football team.
Pte. Harry Sanders
Pte. Tom Stacey
  Company Runner.
S/Sgt. David John Thomas 5334476
Pte. Tuffs
  Company Runner.
Sgt. Willis
  3inch Mortar operator.
Pte. Alfred Raymond Mason 466698
Unable To Catagorise
Pte. Frank Henry Adkins 14642900
L/Cpl. Edward Norman Casey 5336509
Pte. Walter George Allwright 5347096
Pte. George Shelton Baker 14377367
Pte. Samuel Thomas Birch 14385503
Pte. George Robert Briggs 5622057
Pte. Robert Bunn 5345633
L/Cpl. John Porthouse Boyle 14295333
L/Cpl. Arthur Edwin George Brown 5340913
Lt. William Reginald Edward Coleman 330526
Pte. Collins
Pte. Reginald Arthur Crook 5347440
Pte. Dennis Alan Downes 14407034
U/K William Duddle
Sgt. Thomas Henry Edwards
Pte. Eric Frank Fabray 5351848
Cpl. Ronald Fruen 5343619
L/Cpl. Arthur Leonard Heath 5439465
Pte. William Henry Helyer 14305605
Pte. Joseph Horton 14642948
Pte. Ronald Hall 14565301
Pte. Harold Dennis Jenns 14577808
L/Cpl. Harold John Jones 5345470
Pte. Holbrook
Pte. Melville Ellias Jones 14335560-14335060
Graham Lambden
Pte. Douglas Jeffrey Leggett 6031413
Pte. Frank Lea 3604922
Pte. Percy Mason 5348560
Pte. Alfred Murray 6028001
Pte. Sid Nailer
Sgt-Mjr. Pearson
L/Cpl. Frederick Paget 5340873
Pte. Sandy Powel
Pte. Edgar Pridham 5347880
Pte. Pullen
Pte. Peter Ravenscroft 3857861
Pte. Jimmy Seaby
L/Cpl. Simmonds
Pte. Percy John Snell 5340402
Pte. Stewart
L/Cpl. Arthur Stocks 5120749
Sgt. Scrivener
Sgt. Frederick Sion 5351220
Sgt. Richard James Spicer 5438528
Cpl. Ronald Percival Sibley 14659415
Cpl. Smith
Pte. Thompson
Pte. Tidmarsh
Pte. Stanley Tracey 14586607
Pte. Reginald Herbert Tully 14538135
Pte. Bernard Tully 14538134
Pte. Vernon Cyril Webb 14754336
L/Sgt. Norman Williams 5334026
  Platoon Sergeant. Platoon U/K.
Pte. Horace Walter Freestone 14746110
Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn No.14400465
  Intelligence duies.




His Majesty King George VI
(14 Dec 1895 – 6 Feb 1952)

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