2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

'C' Company
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H.Q. Companies known leadership and personnel. Should you have any knowledge of an individual connected to this company, please contribute.

Company Commanders
Maj. Eric Christopher Pemberton 124101
  Pemberton Force
Mjr. P. B. Greenway
Mjr. Russell Lewis Twidle 99758
Chaplain To The Forces
Cpt. Wlliam Patrick Barry 135100
1 Platoon Commanders
Lt. Anthony Cyril Soden 271332
1 Platoon Personnel
Pte. D. Francis
Pte. J. Greenacre
Pte. A. Quelch
5 Platoon Commanders
Cpt. Charles Besly 180642
13 Platoon Commanders
Sgt. Roy William James Welland 5337618
14 Platoon Sergeants
Sgt. Reginald Montague Taylor
14 Platoon
Pte. Stacey
Y Platoon Personnel
Pte. Reginald John Leslie Giles 14680935
Other Duties
Cpt. Ivor Gordon Davies 313434
  Army Chaplain
Welfare Officer
Christmas Pantomime
S/Sgt. David John Thomas 5334476
Pte. Alfred Raymond Mason 466698
Unable To Catagorise
Pte. Eric Blatherwick 4978525
L/Cpl. George Ernest Beecroft 5347469?
Pte. Henry Ellis 5341109
Pte. Horace Walter Freestone 14746110
Lt. Jefferies
  Platoon Commander?
L/Cpl. William Joseph Lowe 14640525
L/Sgt. Lionel Eddie Poulton 5335066
Pte. Stewart Pringle 3605617
Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn 14400465
Pte. Charles Thomas Edward Smith 5350789
Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn 14400465
  Intelligence duties.




His Majesty King George VI
(14 Dec 1895 – 6 Feb 1952)

Army Flag

British Army Flag

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