2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

Battalion H.Q. Company
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H.Q. Companies known leadership and personnel. Should you have any knowledge of an individual connected to this company, please contribute.

Headquarter Company Commanders
Maj. Murray Viney Miln 130499
Company Commanders Intelligence Section
Cpt. Christopher Simmons 203884
Cpt. John Evelyn Gabain 165837
Cpt. Roy Victor Milton 356367-3905017-SX12113
Intelligence Section
Cpt. Roy Victor Milton 356367-3905017-SX12113
Lt. E. K. Smart
Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn 14400465
Cpl. Arthur George Pike 14260370
Pte. George Upson
Maung Bakin (Smiler)
  Burmese Interpreter.
Pte. Cywiac
Sgt. Ken Storey
  Platoon Sergeant
Signals Platoon
Pte. Bernard Howard Hawton 5339992
Company Sergeant Majors
C.S.M. Edward Reginald Cowtan 14675572
C.S.M. Frederick Joseph Hodd 6093873
Chaplain To The Forces
Cpt. Wlliam Patrick Barry 135100





His Majesty King George VI
(14 Dec 1895 – 6 Feb 1952)

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British Army Flag


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