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Should you wish to submit a loved one who was a member of the Royal Berkshire Regiment WWII please be so kind as to download the questionnaire, and forward as much of it's criteria known to you. Thank you.

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Name: RAYNER, William John
Rank: Corporal
Regiment: Royal Berkshire Regiment
Attended: Gloucestershire Regiment
Service No: 5338101
Theatre: Dunkirk/Burma
Additional Information:
Cpl. William Rayner enlisted on the 19th August 1939. He fought in Dunkirk before going to Burma. He was tasked to guard Mohandas Ghandi and also fought the Imperial guards in Burma. He also served in Korea in the Gloucestershire Regiment in the RAR (Royal Army Reserve?).
Submitted by: His son Keith who wishes to known more about his fathers exploits.
Name: GILBERT, Denis Edwin
Rank: Sergeant
Regiment: 10th Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Service No: U/K
Theatre: Burma
Additional Information:
Sgt. Denis Gilbert was a member of the Army Education Corp During WWII.
Submitted by: His daughter Denise Brown who wishes to known more about her fathers exploits.
Name: SUTTON, Stanley Charles
Rank: Company-Sergeant-Major
Regiment: 1st Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Age: 35
Date of Death: 16/05/1943
Service No: 5331499
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: 11. J. 2.
Additional Information:
Son of George and Selina Sutton; husband of Winnifred Ellen Sutton, of Ashton Vale, Bristol.
Submitted by: His Grandson Rich Derrick who wishes to known more about his Grandfathers exploits.
Name: BOLDEN, Donald Arthur
Rank: Private
Regiment: 1st Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Platoon: Mortar Platoon
Age: 57
Date of Death: 1967
Service No: Not Known
Additional Information:
Donald Arthur Bolden fought at Kohima with the 1st Battalion The Royal Berkshires from 1940-1946, serving in Burma. After months of sustained Jungle fighting. Donald returned home uninjured but Very ill after contracting both Dysentery & Malaria.

Donald Bolden destroyed his medals when he was angry with the politician's treatment of veterans. He never married but remained a kind and thoughtful man.
Submitted by: His nephew Derek Cresswell, who wishes to hear from anyone who knew his uncle.
Name: O'HARA, John Henry
Initials: J. H.
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Company Sergeant Major
Regiment: 1st Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Age: 33
Date of Death: 08/03/1945
Service No: 5333082
Theatre: Dunkirk - Kohima, India - Burma
Grave/Memorial Reference: 25.D.20
Additional Information:

C.S.M. John (Jack) O'Hara was a pre-war soldier who fought at Dunkirk and was one of many brave men who fought a rear guard action making it possible for many to reach safety. He was eventually pulled off the beach at Dunkirk starker's!

Jack O'Hara went on to serve his country in india, relieving the Royal West Kent's at the tennis court of the governor's residence in Kohima. Sadly C.S.M. O'Hara died of wounds as the battalion advanced on Mandalay in 1945, 2 weeks before the regiment was due to be pulled out of the line for good.

Submitted by: The grandnephew of C.S.M. John O'Hara, Geoff Belson on behalf of his family who wish to hear from anyone who has any information regarding Jack. Geoff Belson added, "Our Jack also made his movie debut in a Pathé News clip where he was identified by my Gran as one of the men walking up the gang plank of a vessel at Margate dressed only in a great coat, the family legend that, the narrator had said at the beginning of a series of clips that these were the men of the rear guard."
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