2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

Who are they?

Can you assist in identifying any of the veterans in the below photographs? If so please contact me quoting the reference number also the number attached to the individual. Thank you.

Ref No: 01
Ref No. 01
This picture was possibly taken at Brock Barracks, Reading in 1946.

09. Pte. Herbert Victor Sharman No.5337291
Ref No. 02
Ref No. 02
Possibly taken during T.A. training, year U/K.

01. Pte. Herbert Victor Sharman No.5337291
Ref No: 03
Ref No. 03
Believed to have been taken at the same location as above, year U/K.
Ref No. 04
Ref No. 04
Some of the men from B Company pictured before crossing the River Chindwin in November 1944.

40. Sgt. Thomas Henry Edwards
45. Sgt. Frederick Sion No.5351220
48. Pte. Herbert Victor Sharman No.5337291
??. L/Cpl. Arthur Leonard Heath 5439465
72. A. W. Charsley?
Ref No: 05
Ref No. 05
The spoils of war: B Company after their engagement at Kin-U between the 6-8 January 1945.

05. Colonel Lionel John Lindsay Hill No.77668
12. Pte. William Dodd 14340725
14. Pte. Herbert Victor Sharman No.5337291
Ref No: 06
Ref No. 06
Taken at Zeyawadi sugar or tea factory in 1946.

04. L/Cpl. William Joseph Lowe No. 14640525
09. Mjr. Leslie Stanley Whittingham-Jones No. 324496
Ref No. 07
Ref No. 07
Location and date unknown.

01. L/Cpl. Arthur Stocks No.5120749
05. Martin?
13. Ivor Meredith
Ref No. 08
Ref No. 08
Kalaw, Burma 1946.

01. Pte. George Upson
03. Maung Bakin (Smiler) Burmese Interpreter
04. Pte. Cywiac
05. Sgt. Ken Storey
06. Lt. E.K. Smart
07. Sgt. Gilbert Scott Selwyn No.14400465
Ref No. 09
Ref No. 09
Location and date unknown.

Right Pte. Charles Frederick Dickens No.5342491
Ref No. 10
Ref No. 10
No.8 Platoon Football Team.

03. Sgt. Norman Williams No.5334026

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2nd Battalion
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