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Plaque On Mandalay Hill:
A memorial plaque donated after the war was erected at the entrance to a pagoda near the top of Mandalay hill which is protected by a wire grill. [View]

Hill 15R (The Name):
"Maps of Burma were notoriously inaccurate; the only landmark to be perceived was the river cliff which was 15 feet tall." Private Arthur George Pike 14260370

Hill 15R (Sketch):
Sergeant Gilbert Scott Selwyn 14400465 drew a sketch of their disposition on Hill 15R, which can be found on page 78 of the book China Dragons, by the late Colonel John Hill.

Letter To Ken:
Colonel John Hill in a letter to Private Kenneth James Wells 14559924 stated of his men "So many of you who served in the ranks performed in battle with bravery, dedication, spirit and efficiency. Most of what you and the others did went unrecognised by the award of medals – we couldn't give everybody one!!"

Mandalay Hill:
"The Gurkha's were given the task of clearing the Japanese from Mandalay Hill which was covered with Pagodas honeycombed with tunnels, unfortunately or fortunately for the Japs the Gurkha's could not get at them and the 2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment were ordered to assist, petrol was used to burn them out, not one Japanese soldier was taken alive. It was said that the hill could have been bombed from the air, but Mandalay Hill with its magnificent pagoda’s had to be saved." Company Sergeant Major Theodore Martin Shave 14749852.

Recognition Whistle:
"'B' company had always used a particular recognition whistle which was two short whistles followed by one long." Private Kenneth James Wells 14559924.

What An Honour!:
A model replica of the famous Mingun Bell, the largest bell in the world, was presented to 2nd Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment by His Holiness the Venerable U. Khanti (famous hermit monk).

Japanese Items Captured:
Among Japanese items captured by 'B' Company, 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment and brought home are - a seal and pad, 10 rupee and 10 yen notes, oil bottle, hand woven wallet, water bottle, Officer's satchel, compass.

All these items are housed at The Wardrobe. The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum.

Lance Corporal William Joseph Lowe 14640525 still has in his possession to this day a Japanese Officers document satchel. And stated, 'The section killed 18 Japs altogether, capturing 2 Receiving Sets, store, Rifles, ammunition and 3 swords from Officers killed in the village.'

The 2nd Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment were presented by the 4th Battalion 4th Gurkha Rifles with a Kukri, silver mounted scabbard and a silver presentation plate. Commemorating their long association during the Burma Campaign of 1944-45. In return a model, silver China Dragon was presented to 4th/4th Gurkha Rifles.

Not Many Boy's Left!:
"Only twelve out of the original 196 soldiers who served in 'B' Company, 2nd Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment returned home to tell their story." Lance Corporal William Joseph Lowe 14640525.

86 Days Straight:
"The 2nd Battalion, remained in close combat with the Japanese for no less than 86 days straight." Sergeant Bertram Samuel Miles King 14254119.

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cap badge

China Dragon Cap Badge

2nd Battalion
The Royal Berkshire Regiment
(Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
1939 - 1959

Burma WWII

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