2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

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End Of An Era:
Reading and District Branch of the Burma Star Association laid up its Standard on Sunday the 27 November 2011, at Reading Minster of St. Mary the Virgin. The Last Post was followed by the Silence of remembrance and the Kohima Epitaph being read out loud for the last time.

The Standard was handed to Canon Brian Shenton, relieving it's bearer Harry Capel from his final duty prior to it's safe keeping where it will be hung in the Lady Chapel at a later date.
Did You Know?:
Sgt. Ronald Godley, Sgt. Albert Heywood and Cpt. Leonard Pocock of the 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment along with Cpl. Gerald Pooler of the 19th Indian Division Dagger Division, have their heroic exploits immortalised in the popular 'The Victor' comic's.
Did You Know?:
Sgt. Albert Robert Cecil Heywood of the 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment has also had his heroic exploits immortalised in the popular 'The Victor' comic's.
The Fallen:
One Army Chaplain would not inform the relatives of the soldier's temporary place of rest - but would say write in his letter - "in a graveyard which will later be described to you by an official title and location". This saves people from being hurt by the thought that the fallen soldier has not yet finally come to rest.

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cap badge

China Dragon Cap Badge

2nd Battalion
The Royal Berkshire Regiment
(Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
1939 - 1959

Burma WWII

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