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Colonel Hill Meets Leslie Whittingham-Jones:
The next time Colonel Hill came face to face with Leslie Whittingham-Jones his 2/ic was at Poole Railway Station, England 1999. Leslie Whittingham-Jones was carrying with him a large book on Burma so Colonel Hill would recognise him.

Army Pay!:
Private Arthur George Pike 14260370 was assigned the task of sorting the men's pay discrepancies out, as a number of the men had found themselves very much in debt as a result of irresponsibly made payments.

Butcher Company:
'B' Companies doggedness to flush out the enemy, no matter what the circumstances gained them the title 'Butcher' company, of which they were proud of.

You Could Smell 'Em!:
In close contact with the Japanese it was discovered that the enemy could be smelt long before they were seen. Their distinctive pungent smell was to be advantageous to probing patrols.

Yank's Feel At Home:
September 1944 The American 401st Glider Infantry Regiment were sent to England and were based at Brock Barracks, the home of the Royal Berkshire Regiment.

Rees Nearly Got Shot!:
"General Rees came to the forward lines with 'B' company at Shwebo during the fighting. An incident at Shwebo instigated by General Pete Rees's eagerness to move forward was known as 'Pete's folly' by 'B' Company." Sergeant Bertram Samuel Miles King 14254119.

Cattle Bells:
"The Japanese used cattle wearing bells, driving them ahead of the attacking force during night attacks in an effort to cover the noise of their advance." Private Kenneth James Wells 14559924.

Don't Drink The Water!:
The Japanese would place their own soldiers bodies down water wells to contaminate the water supply, rendering it undrinkable.

Gold In Them Hills!:
While in the Shan States the Coy Commander prior to leaving for England handed his command over to his successor who turned to his Batman Tuffs and said, "There’s gold in them hills.", Tuffs replied "yes Sir little yellow men with gold teeth." Lance Corporal William Joseph Lowe 14640525.

Many years after the war, Cpl. Pike arranged a reunion at Taunton in honour of the late Col. Hill in attendance were members of B Company, Pte. Tom Stacey (Company Runner) and Pte. Robert Bunn, MM. Private Arthur George Pike 14260370.

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2nd Battalion
The Royal Berkshire Regiment
(Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
1939 - 1959

Burma WWII

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