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Demob Suit:
When servicemen left the armed forces they were, as of 1944 entitled to:-

1 Suit.
1 Tie.
1 Raincoat.
1 Hat.
1 Shirt.
1 Pair of shoes.
2 Detachable stud fastened collars.
2 Pairs of socks.

The servicemen would serve themselves from a vastly stocked stores. Civilian clothing personnel were on hand to assist.


Austerity Regulations:
In March 1942 civvy clothing did not permit, double-breasted lapels, trousers with turn-ups or decorative buttons, as this at the time constituted a waste of material.

By 1944 servicemen could by 50 shilling suits at a civilian clothing shop at Olympia in London.



The first recorded incident of the word 'Kamikaze' was in August 1281 when the Mongols launched an attack on mainland Japan. This was curtailed when a typhoon struck. The Japanese believed it was Kamikaze, 'divine wind' who struck down the 3,500 ships.


We were there hats:
The slouch, or Digger hat was also known affectionately as 'We were there hat's' by a number of Burma veteran's.

'Slouch' does not refer to hats with a turned-up, or leaf brim. Contrary to beliefs, it refers to any hat with a brim that droops down.

It's origins date back to 1885 and was worn with and without feathers.

The 'ABVAJ'; All Burma Veteran Association of Japan, the equivalent to the Burma Star Associaion. The ABVAJ obtained permission from the Indian Government to place a memorial to the 190,000 Japanese who died during the Burma Campaign. The monument was errected at Red Hill, the point nearest to Imphal that the Japanese were to acheive.

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2nd Battalion
The Royal Berkshire Regiment
(Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
1939 - 1959

Burma WWII

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